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[unknown]Feelin-eternity - drill records [058]
«I write, therefore I breathe» is about Sasha Feelin, original DJ and musician who has begun his career in 2003. His professional sphere of action includes hairdressing and styling, but his rebel soul totally belongs to music. Feelin prefers to create instinctively, delicately bypassing sharp angles between main stream and underground; to learn something new independently; to listen only to own tastes and preferences...
Keywords: experimental
Downloads: 20
[image]sch - Technicks - drill records [102]
sch - Technicks experimental
Keywords: experimental
Downloads: 29
[audio]Jean D.L. "The Light Burns Ghosts..." SFR01 - Jean D.L.
contact: http://www.jeandl.tk jean_dl@skynet.be
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 524
[audio]New Carrollton - Lust for Life [zero142a] - New Carrollton
A series of bizarre live performances by New Carrollton with a little bit of studio nonsense thrown in the mix. Samplers, homemade instruments, tapes, and vinyl abuse add up to an hour of weirdness. Originally released by Watergate Tapes in 1989. Lust for Dupont - Performed live 9/2/88 outdoors in Dupont Circle, Washington DC. Lust for Fairfax - Live television appearance, recorded 6/26/88 Lust for Terry - Studio 3/89 and Live 4/2/89
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 779
[audio]Genox - Kkontrast EP [mia031]
continuing the line of EPs released comes genox with his 5-track, 'kkontrast'. this one showcases the more experimental side to miasmah, the tracks ranging from psychedelic to ambient to twisted dub/dnb breaks in 'shower hour (bobby mix)', the standout track for me. the ep could almost be seen as one continuous track as there are no gaps where each track begins and ends (better get the gapless output plugin for winamp :)...
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 980
[audio]Punck - CDR01-02 [commie062] - Punck
We're proud to introduce Punck, the Italian experimentalist. The soundscape in his tune is produced with impressive piety.
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 104
[audio]V/A - Bio>logic [ISC0701] - V/A - compilation
A compilation of tracks inspired by and incorporating the sounds of living creatures.
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 2,627
[audio]V/A - isector live [ISC0801] - V/A - compilation
A compilation of live material and performances from ten different infinite sector collective artists
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 1,623 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]The Three Sojourners - Dub Ya Children Eaterz
Dub Ya Children Eaterz, say the name thrice. 3x3= spooky bad evil! push buttons or DIE!!
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 280
[audio]Lets have some fun - Y.Otsubo
Again this song is made using the same set up as "why does it always"
Keywords: experimental
Downloads: 81
[audio]Birmingham Headkick - Accelera Deck
originally released 10.2003 01. Bare Hands Gallery - Birmingham, AL 09.02.2003
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 802
[audio]gunter adler - polysyntetica ep [ms001n] - jyrgen hall
a mini-album with five tracks produced in a manner of genius and insanity. jyrgen hall known from groenlandorchester presents the first time it's music on the very first maetrixsolution netaudio release. all pieces of music are concerning not to loose the quality of desire when listening to the tracks. you'll see - after the first time listening to polysynthetica you will be gone on...
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 1,782
[image]Frez-boxset - drill records [094]
Keywords: experimental
Downloads: 36
[movies]the next six minutes - Steven Ball
Inner-city London on a Sunday in March, the view from the twenty-first floor collides with sound to image to sound experiments in a fast rhythmic mix. Becoming a fragmented montage as digital aphasia collapses into abstracted spatio-temporal articulation.
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 109
[audio]Harm On My Ears - Harmon, Harmon, and Myers
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 205
[audio]Mike Hansen + Mike Khoury - Mike Hansen + Mike Khoury
1 - track one 13:31 2 - track two 13:23 3 - track three 11:21
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 226
[audio]Moses de Leon - Raymond Salvatore Harmon
Over the course of the past decade Harmons work has become more and more influenced by the writings of Kabalistic and Sufic mystisism. This piece is an extend meditation on the life and work of the author of the Zohar, Moses de Leon. Foremost to the structure of the piece is an outlining representation of the mystical word as hagiographic textbook; An illusion of historic reference like a veil across the contemporary thoughts of the now...
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 275 2.50 out of 5 stars2.50 out of 5 stars2.50 out of 5 stars(3 reviews)
[audio]H: U.N.D. - Arnak signals [ac009] - H: U.N.D.
Arnak Signals is a voyage through industrial, noise and sonic landscapes. Very personal E.P.
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 1,900
archivo para escuchar unaRadio.com.ar
Keywords: experimental
Downloads: 5
[image][mikra] - miK[r]oliZ[ed] - It`s possiBle - drill records [139]
[mikra] - miK[r]oliZ[ed] - It`s possiBle _ 2009 experimental
Keywords: experimental
Downloads: 7
[audio](SLR12) Accelera Deck - Lullexo
free mp3 release from Scarcelight Recordings
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 1,435
[audio][dlnet001] - Zac Keiller & Pablo Reche - Dialogue Global Remix Project - Bokor & Pablo Reche
11 samples of raw unedited source recordings for the drone/atmospheric collaboration "Dialogue" by Zac Keiller & Pablo Reche. The two artists are offering these samples for remix by others.
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 615
[audio][GdM 004] Esfera - Seniorita Perplejidad Y La Sombra Del Triton (2008) - Esfera
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 84 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Mal Foutu (MIDI16) - Les Poissons Autistes
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 50
[audio]Conjoining - Dudymas
Big time Z3ta work here... I'm liking most of the pads in zeta, but not the leads. Odd because I hate sytrus's pads... so it sorta works out. Sytrus synth for leads, z3ta for pads, happiness. Anyhoo, this tune is sorta out there in terms of imagining the title and the song together, but I thought of two dreamers joining in their their thoughts at night as I composed this among other things. I also named the mp3 file 'the return' because when I first started it.....
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 4,372 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Shiftless - Empty [Cam#048] - Shiftless
- 8 releases ago, he released the breathtaking implosion ep, today he releases the single track ''empty'' . As we know him to do, he creates a soundscape unlike anything you've ever heard before. Glitchy endless sinefields and static-noise ambiances prep up what seems to be a lightspeed trip into the unkown. Quite the fucked up track from a great mood manipulator !
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 342
[audio]Shiftless - The Impossible Snow [Cam#014] - Shiftless
Dark ambient sounds subtley shrieking and screaming drag you across a barren cold landscape with a dark sky. You get hopelessly lost in the snow of your thoughts Ryan McKenney
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 409
[audio][ffs25] Affirmation Of Suicide - Motives Of Skin - Affirmation Of Suicide
The artist himself describes it as a hardcore jazz. It fucked up our brains, check yourself, ugh!
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 3,808
[audio]V/A - Static Movement [plx002] - plexrecords.com
A fine selection of new french electronic music talents... Cyclyk, who has already signed a few works for Sillons give life for Plex to two intimists vibrancies tracks playing with sonic accidents. Trope starts slowly before bringing us in a vicious and ascetic groove. And the disrupted machinery of Tired destabilizes us to better propel us in the heart of his singular universe. Human Koala delivers here two high personality tracks...
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 3,869
[audio]Chucking a Sickie - Squee & The King
Two people in Sydney avoid work by smoking too much bud and jerkin around with instruments, now here's proof! Believe it, or not! They're walking on air! I never thought it could be this real. Flying away..
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 759
[audio]Various Artists - Nishi Sampler 2: Experiments [nicomp002] - Various Artists
Nishi's darker side -- a love for experiments in sound. This Nishi sampler begins with Holzkopf's manaical feed-back hip-hop. Things get a little more resevered after this, with John Tennent's glich-tech 'Bad Mode 1' and the micro-melodies of Pino's the Frog's 'glitzbau.' Nex's 'overcoat one' features stripped down techno based exclusively on the samples of his winter jacket(!). The sampler finishes with Resound's brittle and sparkling 'digital towers' and foer's hypnoticly fragile 'august 13th,...
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 3,773
[audio]Rushes - Splinter Groups (ROTE007) - Rushes
Rushes Splinter Groups ROTE007 21 January 2013 Music by Brett Shagen and Mehmet Irdel. Recorded live between February and June 2011. rote.cc
Keywords: experimental
Downloads: 27
[audio]V. - På USA-Turnée 2002 [zero124v] - v.
The Locus of Assemblage (UK) released this live document of v.'s tour of the US of A of March 2002. Uncomplicated grey industrial music with faltering drum patterns, drones, hums and skips. A constantly shifting performance with good clean live sound that hasn't lost any of it's sonic muscle. Tracklist: Marionetteater med Heroinoffer Hårboll i Badkar Puertorikansk Lerhydda Sötebröd
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 1,252
[audio]Do Not Try To Tempt Us With Yr Logic Vol2 - Anti-Kati
Tragically super, originally released in 1997, maybe, as a tape. The original destruction of instruments, analogue vs analogue vs digital-ish
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 883
[audio]Coloured Plastic/Adolescent Nausea - Anti-Kati
GOD0001 - Anti-Kati - Coloured Plastic Adolescent Vomit The original emo-noise! Embarrassingly bad guitar playin, layers of tape hiss, unoriginal feedback, tacky solos, and cheap artwork. Settin tha standards fr years to come. First Anti-Kati release? Avoid or be annoyed. CD re-release designed to simulate the original tape distortions!
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 320
[audio]The Skyscraper - Dudymas
Atmospheric again. Woohoo... like a skyscraper. Starts out dark and gets bright-ish before turning somber on ya. Clicky
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 1,806
[audio]DFM Broadcast - Rasta robert & Saijo
Rasta Robert and me
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 76
[audio]kobain and dialectic - assyrians on acid
kobain and dialectic are two stuffed rabbits with no arms or legs.
Keywords: experimental
Downloads: 161
[audio]Charles Holland. Palacio Beltran. Mayo 2013. - Matemos el claro de luna
Charles Holland en vivo en Palacio Beltran. Mayo 2013.
Keywords: experimental
Downloads: 38
[audio]return of the substanceless - fragment.
fragment's return of the substanceless is taken from the first fragment lp " 1 in a 1000 " turned into another form.it is an instrumental,darck,deep,reconstruction. contact: fragmentsound@free.fr
Keywords: experimental
Downloads: 231
[audio]2009 [UIR06] D&S with Entropy - Split - Übermensch Industry Records
Darkness And Silence / Entropy (Antihuman) experimental guitar / drum split. Cover by Just.
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 196
[audio]volatil 2010 - voluble.net
Sesión sonora de voluble.net en el laboratorio de Radio Tijuana, programa semanal de música, narrative audio y laptop music dirigido por Benito Jiménez en la Radio Municipal de El Viso del Alcor. Radio Alcores
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 186
[audio]No Pigeonholes EXP 7-4-13 - Don Campau
No Pigeonholes EXP broadcast on KOWS-FM www.kows.fm hosted by Don Campau www.doncampau.com 4 July 2013 part 1 artist/title/ album/ label-source 4th of July Mix/ various records and CDs also featuring: Evolution Control Committee/ Don’t Let The Devil Blow Your Mind/ ECC LP Praying For Oblivion/ #2/ Tactile.Aphasis/ ---CD Gushing Cloud/ Matching Our Yonders/ Beat Wings IN vain/ Intangible Cat CD Trance Lucid/ Spyglass/ Palace Of Ether/ Trance Lucid CD Dog hallucination/ Serving Two Masters/ S...
Keywords: experimental
Downloads: 12
[audio]NPEXP 5 2 13 1 - Don Campau
No Pigeonholes EXP broadcast on KOWS-FM www.kows.fm hosted by Don Campau www.doncampau.com 2 May 2013 part 1 artist/title/ album/ label-source Glod-Piketa-Tokay-Kugel/ Budmo, Hay/ Op der Schmelz Live/ Nemu Colla Parte/ Antumbra/ A Cast Of Shadows/---CD Arc/ Phantom Caravan/ Emanem CD Isbin-Walton/ Flutter/ Recall/ pfMentum CD Erixma/ Lovebomb 2/ Lovebomb/ Fragment CD Moisten Before Use/ Experiments In 3/ Primeval Waltz/ Fragment CD Kristin Norderval/ Digital Surveillance/ Aural Hiastories/ Dee...
Keywords: experimental
Downloads: 6
[audio]8 (Vertical Infinity) - Fuga Idearum
The project "Fuga Idearum" from Russia represents the second album which "the Vertical infinity" is called. 2009
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 89
[audio]Expresion Sonora - 03
A series of compositions, which go from the concrete to the abstract, across the amplification.
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 165
[audio]kaoshipnotico 12-12-07 - Kaoshipnotico
Keywords: experimental
Downloads: 151
[audio]wasserstoff - grundloszone
tracks by (grund) - recorded between 1997-2001, encoder: apple lossless - www.grundloszone.de.vu
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 192
[audio]Kilimanjaro 2012 mescla 21
Segona mescla amb més baixos, format WAV
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 26
[audio]Collection 1 Part 1 - Liquid Synthetics
Collection of liquid Synthetics' recordings. All rough mixes.
Keywords: Experimental
Downloads: 1,503
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